Retirement Plan Simulator Help

Step 1

Redtail CRM users may create Advisor Controls RPS cases directly from Redtail. Follow the directions to
setup your integration between Redtail CRM and RPS.

While on the Advisor Controls dashboard, click on “My Profile” in the top left corner, then click
the Integrations tab.

Step 2

From your integrations page, look for your Redtail integration key. Select the text (a combination
of numbers and letters), and copy (control-c on windows, cmd-c on Mac). If you want to import account
values (assets, etc.) from Redtail to Advisor Controls, be sure the Import Holdings checkbox is checked.

Step 3

Open Redtail and click your name in the upper right. From the dropdown that appears, select Manage
Your Integrations

Step 4

In the list of available integrations, find the Advisor Controls integration (you might have to
click the Disabled tab to see it). Be sure the toggle switch is set to ON.

Step 5

Click the gear symbol to open the dropdown, then select Settings

Step 6

Paste the integration key you obtained from your Advisor Controls “My Profile” page. Once
you’ve pasted your integration key in the input field, click Save. Now you’re ready to send data form
Redtail to Advisor Controls!

Step 7

When you have a contact open in Redtail, click the Integrations symbol on the top of the screen to
send data to new Advisor Controls RPS case.

Step 8

When you click the Integrations symbol in Redtail, you’ll get a popup that displays the active
integrations you have in Redtail. Select Advisor Controls.

Step 9

Click Send to Advisor Controls

Step 10

Redtail then signs you in to Advisor Controls and creates a new case for you with the client
information from Redtail, where you can start using RPS with your new case