Business Succession Concepts Help

Load illustrations from link file

Some companies use their illustration system to produce a link file that contains all the policy values, just like the schedule we just entered, that can be loaded into the software. To load a link file, select “Load illustration from link file” in the drop down and then “Select link file” button. Select the appropriate saved link file from your computer. Once it is loaded, it will open into your schedule where you can see all the values. This would be the quickest way to enter all the values from a policy and everything will be entered appropriately.

Enter each policy to be illustrated

Continue entering policies until all are entered and complete. Please note, it is important to decide what solution you want to illustrate before entering a schedule or link file. If you go back and change the solution or change the ownership, the insurance will be cleared and you will have to reenter the insurance. There are so many different solutions and combinations, if you change any of those you will need to reenter any policies for those. As you work your way through the tabs, it is best to determine the solutions to illustrate before entering the policies.