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Long-Term Care Needs Goal

In the event that illness, injury, or accidents force the need for long-term care, Life Goals offer planning based on the estimated monthly cost of said care and the duration and start age from which it will begin. If your client has an existing long-term care policy, you may add into this section by clicking “Add Policy”

Long-Term Care Needs

If you are unsure of the “Estimated monthly long-term care expenses”, there is a resource page in the printed presentation for Long-Term Care Costs, By State. This page has a map of the United States and a table of the annual average cost of a private room by state. Numbers on this page are updated every couple of years.

Existing Long-Term Care Policies

There is a section for adding existing long-term care coverage if your client or spouse currently has some type of coverage.

Long-Term Care Needs Goal Notes

Any notes added to the “Long-Term Care Needs Goal Notes” section will show on the Advisor Notes page in the printed presentation.