LifeGoals Help

Adding Liabilities and Debts

Life Goals utilizes your client’s current liabilities and debts to help project their financial future. Each client has a different financial situation so Life Goals accounts for their desired goals and aggregates their expenses and debt to help them achieve their dreams.

Mortgages/Rent, Credit Cards and Other Debts

Mortgage, rent, student loans, and credit card debt are all options to choose from along with “other debts.” Make sure to include all forms of outstanding and recurring payments (with an exception to subscriptions and non-binding contracts) to allow Life Goals to map out both short-term and mid-term goals. This includes, car payments, dependents tuition, and personal loans.

Liabilities & Debts Notes

Any notes added to the “Liabilities & Debts Notes” section will show on the Advisor Notes page in the printed output.