LifeGoals Help

Basic information

This is Household information that covers general information regarding your client, spousal information, and contact preferences. It also supports inputting Education needs for client and spouse. The Notes section is for any additional information you want noted as it relates to this page. Any notes here will also show on the Advisor Notes page in the printed output.


If your client files dependents on their annual tax returns you may want to include them in this section. Life Goals offers a section to add “education goals” which is meant to account for the cost of tuition, room and board, and supplies for their college of choice.

Education Costs and Information

“Click here for College Costs and Information” allows you to view the most up to date information on the annual costs of universities across the United States. This service is provided by Peterson’s College Search and offers a full range of cost basis calculations and insights.

Dependent and Education Notes

The Notes section can include information related to Dependents and Education. Any notes here will show on the Advisor Notes page in the printed output.

Goals and Dreams

The Goals and Dreams feature allows clients to map out their short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals along with creating custom goals for each timeframe. Major purchases, saving for college, reducing mortgage and credit card debt, and providing support to aging parents are all covered in this section.